ASANEE The Rice Mum Cooks

ASANEE The Rice Mum Cooks

Thai rice is a national dish with a long history. We grow rice for consumption since the ancient times. Rice is not just agricultural products, it is considered as a food source that nourishes Thai people for centuries.

Why we said “Thai people live with rice”, we have 3 meals a day and there must be rice in one of our meals at least. Well cooked rice is always ready on the dining table by mum in every morning before we leave and after we arrived in the evening.
Mum always choose the best rice for us, consider the quality and taste of rice for the good health of everyone in family.

We love the concept of being moms who love and care their children and families, who serve the best thing ever to their loved ones which is the same as the slogan of our business, ASANEE Brand, “ASANEE The Rice Mum Cooks.”  We focus on selecting high-quality raw materials produced in Thailand to serve to people around the word.

As Thai rice is the most popular compare to rice from other countries in the world with its taste, texture, fragrance and quality. ASANEE has a strong intention to introduce Thai rice to the world and to deliver such the best meal to everyone out there as our moms who attentively cook the best meal for us every day.

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